Saving on Energy Bills

21 March 2014

The single largest expense after rent or mortgage payment is energy. It seems that rates are always going up, so you are always looking for ways to save. Aside from changing to energy efficient bulbs and turning your thermostat up or down a couple of degrees, there are some little-known ways to save money on your energy bills.

Get A White Roof

In warmer, sunny climates, a white roof can reduce your cooling bill by up to 40 over a dark roof. If you can’t afford to replace your roof, consider painting it with white elastomeric coating. It is inexpensive and found in most home stores. This coating also increases your roof’s lifespan, so it is well worth considering.

Use Less Hot Water

Wash your clothes in cold water, and don’t run the machine for longer than necessary to get clothes clean. If you’re washing clothes you’ve only worn once that aren’t actually dirty, a six- or -seven minute wash is fine. Turn the water temperature down a bit in the shower also. To save even more energy dollars, consider taking “military” style showers, where you get your body wet, turn the water off, lather up and wash your body, then turn the water back on to rinse. Look into a shower head that has a timed pull-chain, or time your showers to last no more than three to five minutes.

Stop Appliance Ghost Usage

Most appliances, especially those with lighted digital elements, use up to 75 percent of their energy when they are turned off. Televisions are the worst culprits, because they are kept on “standby” so they come on quicker. Just plug your television in five minutes before you’re going to watch it, and it will turn right on for you.

Buy Reusable Furnace and AC Filters

A clogged filter makes your heating or cooling unit work harder and use more energy. Having a wash-and-go filter saves you from keeping filters on hand, and not having one when you need it. They cost a little more initially, but they will pay for themselves in the long run. Electricity Companies in Odessa Texas has some plans that work for this.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a real energy saver for people on the go. It can be programmed around your schedule, so energy usage is confined to times when you are actually home. The thermostat itself is normally less then 30 and installing it is an easy do-it-yourself project. These simple changes are inexpensive and you can easily do most of them yourself. Your hot water heater uses the most energy in your house, so start with using less hot water. Do an energy usage assessment by walking around your home and finding ways to save energy, then start on the list of implementing them.

Angelina Jolie’s Relationships Throughout Her Career

21 June 2013

Angelina Jolie has become one of the top actresses in Hollywood thanks to strong performances in a series of box office hits. However, Jolie’s personal life has attracted just as much attention.

One big reason that Jolie’s personal life gets so much attention is the fact that she is the daughter of another Hollywood star, Jon Voight. This thrust her into the spotlight at a young age, where she has stayed for most of her career.

Jolie married for the first time in 1996. She decided to wed actor Jonny Lee Miller, Continua a leggere »

Angelina Jolie’s Romance With Brad Pitt

13 April 2013

Actress, mother and philanthropist Angelina Jolie began a much publicized romance with Brad Pitt after making and starring in the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith during in 2005. After Jennifer Aniston began divorce proceedings, Angelina and Brad were seen in various places together and by January of 2006, Angelina confirmed that she was pregnant with Brad’s child.

Since both are advocates for same-sex marriage, they indicated that they would entertain marriage only after all others desiring to be married were legally able to do so.

Prior to becoming involved with Brad, Angelina famously began a high profile Continua a leggere »

Lesser Known Roles

5 May 2012

Angelina Jolie has been in a lot of movies but you may not have really known about her before Mr. and Mrs. Smith hit it big. Here are a few of her lesser-known role that you can catch on your channels if you’re inside for a weekend:
Shark Tale – did you know Angelina was an animated movie star? She was the voice of Lola in Shark Tale which makes her as big with the kids as she is with the men in your life. Go figure.
The Bone Collector – this was one of the first thrillers Ms. Jolie had the pleasure of starring in and one of the first times we got to see her be fake-pregnant, too. It’s a great film even today which proves it stood up to the test of time.
Hackers – all the way back in the late 90s Angelina was moonlighting as a hacker before anyone really knew what ‘hacker’ was. She was good at the role and it has since been repeated in many of her subsequent parts – she’s brainy and able to be swift, too.

Understanding The Mind Of Angelina Jolie

13 September 2011

At thirty-five, she doesn-t hide or deny many actions rumored over the years, often given up voluntarily by the candid actress herself. She has a fetish for greasy biker girls that dress like boys, she collects knives, enjoys staying up all night, and showing off her lovers by marking herself with something which represents them, sometimes literally a branding. It helps keep track and is a form of celebration for what they once had. On her stomach reads, “What nourishes me also destroys me” in Spanish. Angie, which she prefers Continua a leggere »

Underneath The Tabloids: Angelina Jolie And Her Life

11 September 2011

Angelina Jolie has been one of films greatest actresses for many years. From portraying an action hero brought to life to telling true life stories with a passion, Miss Jolie has given us a wide variety of films to watch and enjoy. Behind the scenes, she has become a mother to children from different cultures and countries and introduces them to beliefs and lifestyles that are beyond what we have in the states. Her children are not treated as a separate unit because they come from different environments, but are shown love and Continua a leggere »

Angelina Jolie- Behind The Beautiful Face

9 September 2011

Angelina Jolie is not just a pretty face. Although she was voted one of the most beautiful women in America, she is a very talented and intelligent actress and business woman. She has won three Golden Globe awards and an Academy award. She is the Goodwill ambassador for the UN refugee nation, a title that she takes very seriously.She is a major humanitarian and has received world wide recognition for her work. Angelina Jolie was awarded Cambodian citizen ship for her Continua a leggere »

How Angelina Jolie Decided To Adopt Her Children

6 September 2011

Angelina Jolie is known to the world as an actress that has played a realm of characters. Born in 1975 to actor Jon Voight and his wife actress Marcheline Bertrand, she got her start when she was 16 as a model then later blossomed into the acting world. Ms. Jolie has starred in many films to include: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Girl, Interrupted, Gone in 60 Seconds and many more.

For many years, Ms. Jolie was known for Continua a leggere »